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We've worked with a lot of architects, far and away the best experience....we love our is warm and home but with abounding design flair....Doug is collaborative, calm, sharp as a tack and passionate about his work...

Mark E. Nunnelly, client for a Beaver Creek residence.

When we first met, you said you were good listeners. Many people say they are and don’t listen…, but you really do listen to me.

Client for a Lake Creek residence.

I wanted to share with you a tiny little comment one of my sons made that you deserve to hear. This was Craig, the middle one, the quiet but thoughtful one. The day before we left, he was walking through the front hall on his way into the kitchen and I heard him say, to no one in particular, “This house is amazing.” We had all marveled, earlier in the week, at the shadows that were thrown by the sun coming through the eyebrow dormer at the top of the stairs. So well done, Mr. DeChant. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We continue to delight in our home.

Please be well and take care and know that you made the Albrecht’s feel very happy.

Anne Albrecht, client for a Beaver Creek residence.

…the house is coming together wonderfully and I so, so appreciate all your time, creativity, flexibility and commitment to creating a unique, beautiful, and comfortable home that more than meets my expectations and gave full voice to my/our desire to make something special. I am a lucky guy. Thanks.

…congratulations on a spectacular achievement. I must have spent several hours wandering around inside and out marveling at the design and craftsmanship…

Kevin Sharer, client for Vail, Bachelor Gulch & Beacon Hill/Boston residences.

Wendy and I stayed overnight with Jeff & Lis Coors in Golden a few nights ago. I just had to call you and tell you what a magnificent home that is. It just has come together so beautifully…, we had good conversations about you…, Jeff and Lis are so grateful for what you brought into their lives with that home and the beautiful views that you brought into the home, and all of the Doug DeChant touches that are evident everywhere.

John Beckett, client for two Beaver Creek residences regarding our client’s home in Golden, Colorado.

…after a few months of working with and getting to know you, we realized that we couldn’t have made a better decision to hire you and we had every confidence that you would deliver a design that would exceed our expectations.

Bob Tointon, client for a residence near Steamboat Springs/North Park, Colorado.

We just had the pleasure as a DRB staff to go up and get a tour of Curtis Krizek’s house…Suffice it to say that I think we were all kind of speechless walking through that house and around the house. You’re lucky to have a builder (Beck Building Company) that can translate your drawings and make it happen the way they did. But, I think we were all very inspired and impressed…, I just wanted to congratulate you guys on creating probably the best house that’s ever been designed and built in Beaver Creek. So, hats off to you guys…, we really enjoyed the tour…, it’s an amazing place.

Scot Hunn, Director, Beaver Creek Design Review Board regarding our client’s home in Beaver Creek.

Claire, I hope this finds you doing well. Several months ago I asked you for recommendations of architects in the Denver area and Doug DeChant was on your list. We (long-term clients of mine from CA who are relocating to Denver area) ended up hiring him, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him as a client representative. It was an excellent choice for our clients, and has been a complete delight for me.

Doug is a remarkable person and gifted architect. He is both visionary and meticulously detailed. He is endlessly creative. His drawings, which he spins by the stack, are beautiful, evocative and accurate. His work with clients is masterful.

I could go on and on – the point is that I recommend you look at his work and consider featuring him in your magazine or at one of your symposiums. He has talent, heart, soul and experience in abundance.

Heidi Hansen, Architect, email to Claire Conroy, Editor, Residential Architect Magazine, regarding our work for a mutual client.

…I’m sitting in our hearth room looking at the beautiful creation you made. I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. Our visiting friends were, as all other first visitors, at a loss for words when they first came in; wide-eyed and mouth dropped in awe.

One guy, who is widely traveled and has seen many wonderful architectural masterpieces, said he has never seen such a creation as you envisioned and brought to life here. He said you are the most talented architect in the world, and meant it. This is a comment I have heard from many people.

Every time we come here, I sit for a while in quiet admiration of your vision, often in different ‘competing spaces’, and each time find another reason to marvel at some detail you created. This is a place of quiet peace, love and joy for us; a true retreat from a hectic world…

…Now we go to our lake house and the same thing occurs. I really want you to come out in the spring and see this completed project to share this with us. It was well executed by the builder, and is more than you might have imagined; stunning and warm and cozy and comfortable – a family treasure.

I hope you will call upon me anytime to offer reference or to offer a look at what you can do given ‘creative license’ as you were here.

…we are appreciative of having the opportunity to work with you…

Curtis Krizek, client for a home in Strawberry Park, written 8 years after completion; and later, a Midwest lake cottage.