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We are joyfully celebrating our 25th year of relationship, creativity and detail.

Our studio is an intimate, highly-creative environment, staffed by collaborative, experienced leaders and the very best, technologically-savvy interns.  We are small, to be responsive to our clients and their projects, yet our creativity, experience and capabilities are considerable.  We listen intently…, to our clients…, and to the site.

From Vail/Beaver Creek, we’ve reached across the mountains to Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Jackson Hole and Bozeman, as well as Denver and Colorado Springs.  Beyond the mountains, our projects reside in Boston, Sturgeon Bay, Edmonton, Houston, Kansas City, Nantucket, Atlanta and Dallas.

We enjoy creating with engaged clients on remarkable properties, wherever they may be.

Who are we?  What do we believe?  What is important to us?  What separates us from others?  How do we define value?  Here are some responses…

  • We are approachable, easy to communicate with, and organized to serve our clients. Our egos are invested enough to assure success, to have pride in what we do, yet not enough to override the real priorities, which are yours.  We understand that your project is not about us. We want to create an amazing home together, worthy of recognition from the profession, yet designed for you.
  • We engage a limited number of commissions, typically one or two new custom homes per year
  • We are leaders and we communicate.We take pride in leading the client, design team and overall process toward a successful result.  We do this through candor, experience, organization and a comprehensive system of management formats and standards we’ve developed to guide our projects, including web-based management for those who choose to monitor their project from anywhere. To our website, we post status reports, action logs, meeting minutes, schedule updates and drawings for your continuous remote access.
  • One of the enduring hallmarks of our practice is our history of investing time…, to listen, to learn, to become intimate with our clients and their properties, and most of all, to explore and search for original, creative thought. We take time to include all staff in charrettes for each project, with the understanding that the best solutions are often result from collaboration.  We search for the best right answers…, to questions about site design, space planning or the right location for the toilet paper holder.  We purchase sketch paper by the case, and we use it.
    • A brief anecdote…., several months after taking a new position at another well-regarded Vail practice, a former employee called to earnestly request his position back. He shared his disappointment to learn that his new employer simply opened the files to take plans from storage and adapt them to the new client, the new site.
    • And another…, a client recently said to us…, ‘When we first met, you told us you were good listeners. Many people say they are…, but you really do listen to me.”
  • We invest in the most advanced, integrated 3D software available. From the moment we begin digitizing the right design concepts, you are able to see three-dimensional models, views and animations. This satisfies another priority, which is to assure that we thoroughly communicate the design to our clients. No surprises.
  • We’ve created an inspiring office environment, we pay our staff well and we provide solid benefits, all on the simple premise that happy cows produce better milk…, and because we want to attract and keep top talent.  We work nationally and beyond from our location; a location that allows us to have a wonderful quality of life.  Through collaboration and charrettes, we remain inspired, engaged and excited about our work. Through our routine, internal educational efforts, we are constantly improving ourselves. Our clients are the beneficiaries.

In summary, the practice of architecture is highly subjective and varies widely. We believe sincerely and humbly that we are at the top of the game, that our creativity and service are best-in-class.  This belief is held by others, too, such as Jim Cramer, former national CEO of the American Institute of Architects, who knows our practice intimately and said ‘…you’ve raised listening to an art form’; and our client, Mark Nunnelly, who stated, ‘… We’ve worked with many architects - far and away the best experience…’, and lastly, two of Vail’s finest contractors have defined us as the ‘most creative architects’ in this demanding, international market.